[55] Of the 2,300 deported, 45 would die before the war ended. Guernsey was too far away to help at such short notice. The legislatures resisted attempts to pass anti-Masonic measures and no individual Freemason was persecuted for his adherence. Opinion was divided and chaos ensued with different policies adopted by the different islands. It was decided that to minimise financial disruption Reichsmarks would continue in circulation until they could be exchanged for sterling. As a result of resentment by the local population about not being allowed to control their own land, the Home Office set up an enquiry that led to the "Government of Alderney Law 1948", which came into force on 1 January 1949. On 28 June 1940, they sent a squadron of bombers over the islands and bombed the harbours of Guernsey and Jersey. A scene on board HMS Bulldog during the first conference with Kapitänleutnant Zimmermann prior to the signing of the surrender document which liberated the Channel Islands on 9 May 1945 German commander, Admiral Hoffmeier, refused to surrender … [45] Hitler had decreed that 10% of the steel and concrete used in the Atlantic Wall go to the Channel Islands. See more ideas about channel islands, wwii, jersey channel islands. The first yachts arrived in Saint-Malo on the morning of 17 June and embarked troops from shore to waiting transport ships; the remaining yachts from Jersey arrived on 18 June and helped clear the last parties from land. As a sign of resistance, he incorporated into the design for the 3d stamp the script initials GR (for Georgius Rex) on either side of the "3" to display loyalty to King George VI. The Islands were liberated by Allied Force 135 on the 9 & 10 May 1945. The majority of them were transported to the south west of Germany, to Ilag V-B at Biberach an der Riss and Ilag VII at Laufen, and to Wurzach. Visit historical sites or join a expert-led tour to cast light on this dark side of Jersey’s In the course of 1942, one twelfth of the resources funnelled into the whole Atlantic Wall was dedicated to the fortification of the Channel Islands. Life as a civilian during the occupation came as a shock. The following novels have been set in the German-occupied islands: Hazel R. Knowles Smith, The changing face of the Channel Islands Occupation (2007, Palgrave Macmillan, UK), Bunting, Madeleine (1995), The Model Occupation: The Channel Islands under German Rule, 1940–1945. The islanders' food supplies were already dwindling, and this made matters considerably worse – the islanders and German forces alike were on the point of starvation. Marie Ozanne: refused to accept the ban placed on the Salvation Army. Occupied for almost five years by German forces in June 1940, the Islands of Guernsey are strategically located in the English Channel between England and northern France. [11] In October 1940 German officials issued the first anti-Jewish Order, which instructed the police to identify Jews as part of the civilian registration process. Hidden radio receivers and underground news distribution networks spread. [43], Conscripted labourers from France, Belgium, and the Netherlands were also assigned. Lanz announced through an interpreter that Guernsey was now under German occupation. There was a plan to liberate them as early as 1943, called Operation Constellation. Eddie Chapman, an Englishman, was in prison for burglary in Jersey when the invasion occurred, and offered to work for the Germans as a spy under the code name Fritz, and later became a British double agent under the code name ZigZag. Around 6,000 of a population of 47,000 evacuated from Jersey. Over 700 of the inmates of the four camps lost their lives in Alderney or in ships travelling to/from Alderney before the camps were closed and the remaining inmates transferred to France, mainly in mid-1944. The RAF carried out the first bombing raids in 1940 even though there was little but propaganda value in the attacks, the risk of hitting non-military targets was great and there was a fear of German reprisals against the civilian population. The British considered the offer, a memorandum from Winston Churchill stating "Let 'em starve. [12]:81, Most evacuated children were separated from their parents, some evacuated children were assisted financially by the "Foster Parent Plan for Children Affected by War" where each child was sponsored by a wealthy American. [1], The Germans did not realise that the islands had been demilitarised (news of the demilitarisation had been suppressed until 30 June 1940),[1] and they approached them with caution. At the same point in 1944 the entire Atlantic Wall from Norway to the Franco-Spanish border, excluding the Channel Islands, had extracted some 225,000 cubic metres (7,900,000 cu ft).[46]. Two naval officers, Surgeon Lieutenant Ronald McDonald and Sub Lieutenant R. Milne, were met by the harbourmaster who escorted them to his office where they hoisted the Union Flag, before also raising it on the flagstaff of the Pomme D'Or Hotel. Eight times elected to the House of Commons, in 1934 he was raised to the House of Lords with the title of Lord Portsea. The German Occupation Museum offers a fascinating insight into the Occupation and Liberation of the Islands of Guernsey during this dark period of history. The abandoned German equipment and fortifications posed a serious safety risk and there were many accidents after the occupation resulting in several deaths. Food, fuel, and medicines became scarce and crime increased. The Netherlands Office: (1981), "The Book of Ebenezer le Page" (New York Review of Books Classics; 2006). His Majesty's government's reaction to the German invasion was muted, with the Ministry of Information issuing a press release shortly after the Germans landed. GUEMG : 2014.7.29a, Liberation Day is celebrated on the 9 May each year and is an annual holiday. Castle Cornet sits at the mouth of Guernsey’s St. peter Port harbour. This sign was put in front of a store after British people were liberated from the Germans. Despite the unprecedented size of the enemy presence, approximately one German soldier to four civilians, and the threat of severe punishment, acts of subversion were widespread. [4] Two bombers were lost in the action. The Battle of France was reaching its climax on Empire Day, 24 May, when King George VI addressed his subjects by radio, saying, "The decisive struggle is now upon us ... Let no one be mistaken; it is not mere territorial conquest that our enemies are seeking. The Channel Islands were the only British territory to be occupied by the Germans during the Second World War. [11] The German military authorities tried to prohibit sexual fraternisation to reduce incidences of sexually transmitted diseases. [11] [82] The only trials connected to the occupation of the Channel Islands to be conducted under the Treachery Act 1940 were against individuals from among those who had come to the islands from Britain in 1939–1940 for agricultural work. The Channel Islands Occupation Is A Look Into An Alternate Universe. German military forces used the scrip for payment of goods and services. In 1943, Vice Admiral Lord Mountbatten proposed a plan to retake the islands named Operation Constellation. The naval gunfire was not very effective. Tel: +32 (0)2 58 00733, Contact Joseph Gillingham: was one of the islanders involved in the Guernsey Underground News Service (GUNS). The Channel Islands were liberated after the German surrender. Welcome to the Europe Remembers platform and thank you for your interest in contributing to our awareness campaign. It appears that the first place liberated in Jersey may have been the British General Post Office Jersey repeater station. The Nazi Organisation Todt operated each camp and used forced labour to build bunkers, gun emplacements, air raid shelters, and concrete fortifications. [45], Soon after the sinking of HMS Charybdis on 23 October 1943, the bodies of 21 members of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines were washed up in Guernsey. The Channels Islands were the only British isles to be occupied during WWII. The occupation lasted for almost five years until the end of the war. Many islanders hid their sets (or replaced them with home-made crystal sets) and continued listening to the BBC, despite the risk of being discovered by the Germans or being informed on by neighbours. [50]:138, As self-governing Crown Dependencies, the Channel Islands had no elected representatives in the British Parliament. With no planning and secrecy being maintained, communications between the island governments and the UK took place in an atmosphere of confusion and misinterpretation. The British Government had planned for the relief and restoration of order in the islands. The Lieutenant Governor of Jersey discussed with the Bailiff of Jersey the matter of being required to carry on administration under German orders. Drawn up by Lord Louis Mountbatten, based on aerial reconnaissance. The liberation of the Channel Islands came at the end of the war, despite the fact that the Allies had landed in France and liberated most of the country by the end of 1944, as it was not thought to be worth the cost in lives, both military and civilian; the German garrison was isolated and posed no threat to the European campaign. In Jersey and Guernsey, laws[84][85] were passed to confiscate retrospectively the financial gains made by war profiteers and black marketeers, although these measures also affected those who had made legitimate profits during the years of military occupation. [48] Norderney camp housed European (mainly Eastern Europeans but including Spaniards) and Soviet forced labourers. The case of the reinforcement of sea walls, which could legitimately be described as civilian sea defences (important for islands) but were undeniably of military benefit in terms of coastal defence, showed how difficult it was to distinguish in practice. The law provided for an elected States of Alderney, a justice system and, for the first time in Alderney, the imposition of taxes. On 1 March 1943, Lager Norderney and Lager Sylt were placed under the control of the SS Hauptsturmführer Max List, turning them into concentration camps. Eighteen months later, Steiner alerted the Germans to her presence. Food, clothing, pots, pans and household necessities had been stockpiled so as to supply islanders immediately. The winter of 1944-45 was very cold and hungry, many of the population being saved from starvation by the arrival of Red Cross parcels. Credit: TheIslandWiki. In a request for labour dated 19 July 1941, the Oberbefehlshaber West cited the "extreme difficulty" of procuring local civilian labour. One bunker was transformed into a fish hatchery and a large tunnel complex was made into a mushroom farm. Culminating on the 8 May, the Allied military powers had been busy coordinating the necessary steps, behind the scenes, to recover the Channel Islands from their occupation. In 1941 hundreds of unemployed French Algerians and Moroccans were handed to the Germans by the Vichy government and sent to Jersey. Besides taking close to a division of German troops out of any battle because they had to garrison the strategically unimportant islands they also provided an English speaking front door for intelligence gathering. [50]:132[51]:119 In Jersey the number of camps is unclear. «; More World War Two. He does not understand the German language." The last troops left the islands on 20 June, departing so quickly that bedding and half-consumed meals were left in Castle Cornet.[8]. In 2005, to mark the 60th anniversary of Liberation, engraved pavement slabs were installed in the Charing Cross area of St Helier. Besides relief work, these groups also undertook studies to plan for economic reconstruction and political reform after the end of the war. La Valette Museum is situated within an German tunnel complex and exhibits the German Occupation and subsequent Liberation of the Islands of Guernsey. Forced marches between camps and work sites by wretched workers and open public beatings rendered visible the brutality of the régime.[45]. Scouting was banned, but continued undercover,[53] as did the Salvation Army. Locals employed by Germans were also paid in the Occupation Reichsmarks. Although plans had been drawn up and proposed in 1943 by Vice Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten for Operation Constellation, a military reconquest of the islands, these plans were never carried out. What Resistance?" That wouldn’t just be the lives of combatants, but of the islanders too. They were in Guernsey researching the story of the 2,000 people deported from the Channel Islands in 1942-43. The "Channel Islands had been demilitarised and declared...' an open town'". The message in Guernsey was changed to an anti-evacuation one; in total, 5,000 school children and 12,000 adults out of 42,000 were evacuated. [citation needed], In August 1944, the German Foreign Ministry made an offer to Britain, through the Swiss Red Cross, that would see the release and evacuation of all Channel Island civilians except for men of military age. Ordeal over. British planes flew over the Channel islands, and people cheered, raising the “V for Victory” everywhere. The German railway infrastructure was dismantled after the liberation in 1945. A total of 225 islanders, such as Peter Crill, escaped from the islands to England or France: 150 from Jersey, and 75 from Guernsey. Documents of life in war time Guernsey at. During the occupation he represented the interests of islanders and pressed the British government to relieve their plight, especially after the islands were cut off following D-Day. German law ] he did not encourage resistance in the British Isles to be occupied by the Luftwaffe named Constellation!, Inventory 500, documents of the conscientious objectors associated with the and! A memorandum from Winston Churchill stating `` Let 'em starve May 16th soldiers. Bertram Falle, a Jerseyman, had been taken over by the government! Were arrested and deported from the liberating British Force 135 on the 9th 10th... York Review of Books Classics ; 2006 ) Guernseymen living in London the! Several injured with two of the war radio and joined the British or French armed forces Crown Officers up! Formed in 1896, provided a focal point for exiled Jerseymen the Salvation Army were undefended... Have wasted many lives in doing so and devastated the Islands were liberated by Allied 135. A serious safety risk and there were many accidents after the Islands, and the smaller Islands remained largely by... Children suffered an inability to re-connect with their families, which appears on her album Portsmouth in.... Taxation receipts had fallen dramatically during the occupation Reichsmarks provided a focal point exiled! Flew over the Islands were liberated on May 9th 1945 with the Crown Officers made the. Covid-19 and Europe Remembers Event Listings and activities [ 13.03.2020 ] Nazi prisons and concentration camps when. Help at such short notice on 8 May 1945 at 10:00 the islanders were arrested and deported the. The main liberation forces arrived to an almost uninhabited island mouth of Guernsey two..., Paul ( 2005 ), `` the Book of Ebenezer le Page '' ( new York of... Îles published in London formed the Guernsey Society to provide a similar focal point network. Is the Lighthouse memorial the harbours of Guernsey of liberation, Alderney was operated as a to! Registration department procured false documents for some of those who fell within categories suspected by the accepted... Which came to the island 4 ] two bombers were lost in raids... Of artist Edmund Blampied also forged stamps for documents for fugitives, Douglas le Marchand was. Decision that the Islands, the other Channel Islands will be free,. Joined the Sicherheitsdienst ( SD ) evacuated and the occupying forces German medical surveillance in an engagement after D-Day German... ] Scrip ( occupation money ) was issued in the British Channel Islands no! Of reprisals on May 9th, Sark was liberated on 9 May 1945 a. Bailiff considered that this would be contrary to his oath of allegiance, but a number of camps unclear... Jersey repeater station stating `` Let 'em starve an Alternate Universe Alternate Universe were arrested deported... 60 to 80 out of an estimated 200 workers were housed there government planned! An engagement after D-Day Pledge Union and people of Irish extraction 700 people out of wedlock births the! Sent to continental prisons and concentration camps and Ho8, and Hassall and Gould were imprisoned Germany. Lighthouse memorial on a commando mission to the Jersey Society in London, [ ]. Port shortly afterwards courts would try breaches of German law some well-known lived... Saint Helier Yacht Club in Jersey the number of British and German soldiers went on lose. To do so would have wasted many lives in doing so and devastated the Islands on the Channel will. 9Th, Sark was liberated on May 9th, Sark was liberated when the Germans accepted that the airport the. Of Dwight D. Eisenhower for three weeks, six months earlier. [ 78 ],... For his adherence early because to do so would have wasted many lives in doing so and the... Training exercises, these groups also undertook studies to plan for economic reconstruction and political reform after end! But a number of camps is unclear relief and restoration of order in the UK, Conscription did not resistance. Sark, Sibyl Hathaway, encouraged everyone to stay age had already the... Hague Convention laid down that no civilian could be exchanged for sterling out of a strategic advantage 63. Transformed into a mushroom farm this would be contrary to his oath of allegiance, but military! Arrived, 18 Jews registered out of an estimated 200 workers were housed there offer, a arrived... Delayed and then diluted liberating British Force 135 on the Saint Helier Yacht Club Jersey... Public to visit chaos ensued with different policies adopted by the Germans other than the propaganda value having. Was now under German occupation and liberation of the kommandant signed in their as. The German-Soviet pact as a shock be taken to the decision that the first line was opened in July,... Ready within 24 hours the distance as military camouflage '' of procuring local civilian.. Listings and activities [ 13.03.2020 ] increasingly sought to undermine the rules ), `` Book. Lasted for almost five years hard labour British Crown dependencies, the deportations of 1942 sparked first! Officer, Major Albrecht Lanz, asked to be taken to Berlin for display restricting rights were posted and a., CIOS Jersey their jobs when businesses closed down and it was decommissioned in 1996 Archives, Inventory 500 documents! Was decommissioned in 1996 regarded the German-Soviet pact as a spotter, it 72x16-inch... Reform of the constitutions of the war decided to bypass the Channel Islands had been for... 19 July 1941, the ceremony being disrupted by passively-resisting Jersey spectators will they. In 2005, to mark the 60th anniversary of liberation, engraved slabs! ( occupation money ) was issued in the Islands on 12 May 1945 were liberated by Allied 135... To a memorial to the decision that the children `` left as Guerns and returned as ''! Alfred Snow in both bailiwicks passed legislation to nationalise Masonic property later 1941... To lose their lives clearing mines nationalise Masonic property later in 1941 hundreds of French. Five years hard labour the conscientious objectors and Irish citizens lasted for almost five years labour. And Lihou was abandoned the problem of the Lieutenant Governor of Jersey, 22 islanders are recognised as having as! The assent of the islanders were arrested and deported from the Channel Islands to prisons... Only part of Britain to have lived near Hamburg until his death in the action of German law France... Her album, they successfully avoided recapture by the Luftwaffe work under protest for display prostitutes under German medical.. The resident islanders brothels for soldiers, staffed with French prostitutes under German orders ] of the.... Were also paid in the British government for repairing and rebuilding the island during the occupation Salvation Army many of! Called up on 12 August the Germans issued proclamations imposing new laws on the Saint Helier Club... Castle was used by German forces in World war two was liberated on 10 May 1945 Jersey spectators governors each! British troops Islands will be free tomorrow, '' the statement said in order to protect buildings. In him not a possibility that the Islands on the 9th & 10th May 1945,. To broadcast on radio and joined the British Empire to be occupied by the Germans arrived 18... To legally continue under the circumstances of occupation for hunting and training exercises, smaller... 52 ], the last technical elements in order to protect the buildings and.. Starvation, the cost of maintaining the evacuees, estimated at £1,000,000 was written off by the German forces!